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    Customized Cut To Length Line 1. Introduction The opening and leveling line of medium and heavy plate adopts centralized control, and the main console has the functions of length setting, digital programming, digital display, automatic counting, speed adjustment, manual adjustment and so on. Advanced, stable and reliable performance. The working modes of the whole line are adjustment, manual and automatic. 1. Adjustment: used for the adjustment of each single machine in the whole line. 2. Manual: used for manual feeding and manual processing of sheet metal. 3. Automatic: in the automatic mode, when the automatic conditions are met, press the cycle start key, and the whole line will automatically cycle the material plate according to the programmed program to realize automatic uncoiling, automatic leveling, positioning and cutting, until the set number of cutting sheets is reached, the cycle will automatically stop, the indicator light is on, and wait for some data to be input, The stainless steel plate leveling line system is suitable for users who require high precision and high degree of automation for plate length. Main features: the cutting speed of the opening and leveling line is fast, up to 110 times per minute, and the deformation of the sheared material is small. The transmission system adopts the combination of pneumatic clutch device and gear, which is suitable for the supporting use of uncoiling and leveling manufacturers and users. Special high-speed plate shears for leveling line, high-speed plate shears, rolling guide rail down cutting type: reliance is optimized in ordinary high-speed plate shears. It adopts rolling pulley, which has small friction resistance and rapid and accurate adjustment of knife edge clearance. It is also suitable for uncoiling and leveling manufacturers and users. There is a new product developed on the basis of Kaiping line set high-speed plate shears. This machine is specially equipped with variable-frequency motor, the cutting speed is adjustable, and the front and rear retaining devices can be selected for single machine manual operation. 2. Specifications/Technical parameters General Induction of cut to length lineCut To Length Lines can do uncoiling, feeder .leveling, cross-cutting to length work. It mainly includes uncoiler, feeder straightener, shearer, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and electrical system, etc., the line can make sure of accurate feeding and shearing. It can be widely used in mild steel metal coil materials. Cut to length line is controlled by PLC controlled the length measurement. The information of length, shearing numbers and speed can be input to the PLC systems. When the need shearing length is reached, the machine can cut automatically. The line speed can be adjusted, and whole line can operate easily. LIST OF EQUIPMENTS UNDER SCOPE OF SUPPLY1. Coil car 2. Decoiler 3. Leveler 4. Side Guide Roller 5. Shearing machine 6. Electrical System. 7. pneumatic system 8.hydraulic system Technical dataMaterial 锛?CR, GI.HR Coil Weight: 20000KG Strip Width: MAX 1500MM Strip Thickness 1.6-4MM Coil O. D: 1600 mm (max) Coil I.D: 508mm (max) Feeding Accuracy: + 0.5 mm Feed Speed: 20m/min 3. Product detail 1. Application: construction materials, raw materials etc. 2. Original: Xiamen, China 3. Certification: ISO9001, CE etc. 4. Price: Negotiable 5. Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand 6. Payment term: TT, LC 7. Delivery date: Negotiable 8. Packing: Naked package with poly wood case for control box 9. Market: ASEAN/Middle East/ South Asia/North America/Russia 10. Warranty: 1 year 4. Certificates 5. Our factory Our factory was established in 2014, which covers an area of MORE THAN 10,000 SQUARE METERS. With 20 YEARS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Meanwhile, we are the main drafter standard of China Non-standard roll former manufacturer and exporter of high quality roll forming machines in China. We are an ISO9001 approved company, and have European CE certification 6. Advantage 1. The steel used in the equipment is standard steel from leading manufacturers, ensuring that the equipment has a longer service life. 2. Numerical control is used to perfectly process all sections of the machine, including the rollers and shafts, to guarantee that clients are happy with the result while preventing paint scratches and indentations on the steel plate’s surface. 3. The machine has a high forming output, runs at a fast speed, and has a steady operation, which enhances the yield rate. 4. High accuracy and quick roll change speed, thanks to electronic control and automated adjustment. 7. FAQ 1. Do you provide services for installation and commissioning at sea? Machine installation and operation training tailored to the needs of the customer are available. 2. How can you ensure the quality of your machine? ISO 9001 is carefully followed in terms of quality assurance. Each device will go through component testing before being installed, and it will need to be debugged thereafter to match the contract’s criteria. 3. What are your preferred payment terms? Is it possible to get both FOB and CIF prices? TT and LC are our standard payment arrangements. Please let us know the exact location. 8. EXHIBITIONS/MEETINGS 9. Direct Contact Information Customized Cut To Length Line website:http://www.reliancerollformers.com/cut-to-length-line/