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    Product Details:
    Industrial Pallet Rack Shelving is hooking structured, easy to dismount and install. It can be adjusted by each 50/75mm based on the pallet height, and can load 500-4500kg/layer. Steel plate, plywood plate and wire mesh decking can be chosen as the layer board. This kind of rack is an ideal storage rack for small and medium-sized warehouse because of its advantages of appropriate height, and convenient accessing of goods.
    Basic Parts:
    Optional Parts:
    Product Parameters:
    Item NameIndustrial Pallet Rack Shelving
    AdjustableHeight can be freely adjusted at a pitch of 50mm.
    MaterialHigh quality cold-rolled strip steel Q235, Made by Bao Steel Group
    Length2300mm, 2700mm for general pallet size, customized available.
    DepthAccording to width of your pallet
    HeightUp to 16 meters
    Load capacity500kg~4500kg/level for general size, or customized
    Production capacity: 5000 tons per month.
    SurfacePowder coated
    ColorBlue for uprights, orange for beams. Others are available.
    Strict standarda. Code of Design of Steel Structures (GB50017-2003)
    b. Technical Code for Cold-formed Thin-wall Steel Structures (GB50018-2003)
    c. The European Standard FEM 10.2.02.
    d. ISO Quality Management System: ISO9001:2008
    Lead time25 days after receiving your deposit
    The features of Industrial Pallet Rack Shelving:
    1) Beam levers are adjustable in 75mm pitch interval.
    2) Different sizes, various specifications and colors are available according to your different needs.
    3) Maximizes space utility ratio while retaining optimum product accessibility.
    4) Strength and rigidity prevents compression damage to goods.
    5) Bottom level of pallets can be stored on the floor, lowering the cost.
    Production Flow:
    Our Superior Advantages
    Factory Workshops:
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