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    Product Feature
    This 99.99% Copper Tube Scrap can be bent and deformed, they can often be made into elbows and joints. Smooth bending allows it to be bent at any angle. It is hard in texture, not easy to corrode, and resistant to high temperature and high pressure. It can be used in many environments. The melting point is as high as 1083 degrees Celsius.
    Product Description
    This 99.99% Copper Tube Scrap with high temperature strength, which has longer service life for use. In addition, the strong and corrosion-resistant characteristics will be the best material to process pipes, heating and cooling pipes in all residential commercial buildings. Compared with ordinary scrap on the market, our 99.99% Copper Tube Scrap is economic, thus to save material and total costs, with excellent stability and reliability. It is really safe, and we do promise that there is no leakage, no combustion, no toxic gas or corrosion resistance.

    CopperCu99.9% Min.
    CobaltCo0.0009% Max.
    CarbonC0.03% max
    IronFe0.005% Max.
    PhosphorusP0.009% Max.
    SulphurS0.009% Max.
    ZnicZ0.03% Max.
    Quantity(Metric Tons)1 – 5>5
    Est. Time(day)7To be negotiatedlow price Copper Tube Scrap