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    Overview- FilterBio庐 50mm Vent Filter FBVF Series
    FilterBio庐 50mm vent filter is a sterilizing filter for aqueous solutions and venting. It removes microorganisms, particles, precipitates, and undissolved powders larger than nominal pore size, such as 0.22 micron (渭m). The 50mm vent filter is non-pyrogenic and non-toxic. The special construction allows minimal hold-up volume and particle shedding, making it ideally suitable for the critical needs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.
    鈭?Superior flow rate
    鈭?high throughputs
    鈭?Smart and disposable
    鈭?Good resistance to pressure
    鈭?Small volume liquids
    鈭?Sterile venting of small fermenters
    鈭?Sterile venting of small containers
    鈭?General sterile filtration of gas and air
    Membrane materialPES/Nylon/MCE/PTFE/PVDF
    Pore Size0.22um, 0.45um
    Maximum Operating Temperature60鈩?/p>
    ConnectionInlet: Female Luer Lock
    Outlet: Male Slip Luer
    Connection1/4″–1/2″Hose barb
    1/4″–1/2″Hose barb
    Ordering Information
    Q: What is the package for 50mm vent filter?
    A: Our package is 50pcs/pk.
    Q: What is the period of validity?
    A: Expiry date is 3 years.
    Q: What is the payment term?
    A: Depends on the order quantity, we accept advanced payment by bank transfer or paypal or western union.Small Filter factory